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Velvet Curtains and Interior Design was founded in 1997 as a family business, becoming a leader in the textile industry for interior decoration. We opened our first store in Tirana more than 23 years ago and now we offer our products and services in all Balkan area. We have expanded our collaboration with companies from Italy, Greece, France, Germany, and Turkey importing from more than 15 different countries, products that better represent our client’s requests and creativity..

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Arragosta Hotel

Aragosta Hotel and Restaurant in Durres is a four star hotel located in the most attractive part of the old town of Durres, so it offers an amazing view.
A position in harmony with the sea breeze and the hill greenness above, where the Palace of king Zog was built.

The hotel rooms are designed in a modern style, with room combinations which make them suitable for both business and family stays.

Calmness through acoustic insulation and constant ambient temperature ensure you a very comfortable stay. Breakfast is a special experience at Aragosta Hotel. The seafront veranda makes it wonderful.

  • Location

    Durrës, Albania

  • Size

    13,000 m2

  • Services

    Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism

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