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Velvet eshte kompani lider ne treg ne fushen e tekstileve,produkteve te hotelerise, arredimit te brendshem duke ofruar dyshek, perde, carcafe, peshqire, aksesore dekori

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      • Tirana, Albania

        Blv”Gjergj Fishta”Kulla 2, Dyq.10,

        1001 Tirana, Albania

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Arragosta Hotel

Aragosta Hotel and Restaurant in Durres is a four star hotel located in the most attractive part of the old town of Durres, so it offers an amazing view.
A position in harmony with the sea breeze and the hill greenness above, where the Palace of king Zog was built.

The hotel rooms are designed in a modern style, with room combinations which make them suitable for both business and family stays.

Calmness through acoustic insulation and constant ambient temperature ensure you a very comfortable stay. Breakfast is a special experience at Aragosta Hotel. The seafront veranda makes it wonderful.

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    400 m2

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    Hospitality, Tourism

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